Do I Need To Assign Seats For My Reception Dinner?

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Different couples can think about their wedding reception dinners in different ways. The decorations, food, and planned moments can be affected by the size of your wedding party, and the formality of your event. Because you may have a different sense of what you want from your reception than others, you may look at certain traditions as less necessary. For instance, you may be less inclined to arrange for everyone to have assigned seats during your reception dinner. This can encourage a more relaxed affair, and let people choose who they spend their dinners with. However, it can also lead to delays as people search out the “right” spot, and may slow things down if you plan plated meals.

The Way You Approach Your Dinner Can Set The Tone For Your Reception

If you want to have a relaxed reception, you may be able to do without a reception. This can be easier to accomplish if you have a buffet style dinner, and limit the number of speeches and activities where you expect people to remain seated. This less formal approach can encourage people to mingle, to hit the dance floor, and to feel more at ease.

If you plan plated meals at your reception, and generally want to enjoy a little more formality, a seating chart can be important to making sure your event runs smoothly. There will be less confusion about delivering food, and it can make finding a seat easier.

Finding Room For The Happy Couple In The Seating Arrangements

What kind of arrangement should the bride and groom make for reception seating? A sweetheart table, where you and your new spouse sit together, apart from the rest of the wedding, can give you time to interact, but it may make you appear less approachable. Depending on the size of your wedding party, you may want to have a table with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, or set something up with the parents of the happy couple.

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