Do You Have The Right Music For Your Ceremony And Reception?

Professional Photo By: Urban Grey Photography

Several key moments during your wedding can be accompanied by music. Music can follow everyone down the aisle during your ceremony, and a DJ or live band can help everyone stay in good spirits through the end of your reception. When you think about what should play at certain significant moments, think about the tone of your wedding, and the formality. You should also think about what kind of experience people will expect. If your friends and family are more reserved, you may want music that is more atmospheric than dance-centered. Of course, you also want your special day to be a reflection of you, your partner, and your relationship. Working in certain meaningful songs can help make your wedding even more special.

Playing Music During Your Ceremony

Traditional string arrangements are often expected during more formal weddings during your walk down the aisle, though it these pieces are certainly not mandatory. You can look for a compromise in the form of an instrumental arrangement covering a more modern song.

Playing Music During Your Reception

Do you expect your friends and family to make a dash for the dance floor during the reception? Or are you more likely to see the people who matter in your life chatting, catching up, and mingling. The right music choices can accommodate the tastes of everyone at your wedding. With that said, experienced DJs and live bands know how to build a playlist that encourages more fun throughout the evening. If you have specific songs you want to play during specific events, make sure you tell the person or group you intend to hire in advance, to make sure it will be available.

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