Finding The Right Shoes For Your Walk Down The Aisle

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

When you think about your look on your wedding day, you may focus on the choices you need to make concerning your dress, and who to choose for hair and makeup services. While these are big priorities, the accessories you select also matter, as will your choice of footwear. Depending on the gown you select, your shoes may be hard for anyone to see. However, the choice you make still matters, as the height of your heels can actually affect the way your gown sits. While style is important, your comfort should also be a priority. If you gravitate towards a taller, less comfortable heel for your walk down the aisle, you might want to consider switching to a different pair for your reception.

Should You Pick Your Shoes Before Or After You Find Your Dress?

When you go dress shopping, think about how you can make it easier to envision yourself in a gown on your wedding day. If you already have your wedding shoes picked out, you can wear them with a dress, to see how their height will affect the way it sits. It can also give you an idea of how easy it will be for you to make your walk down the aisle.

Switching Shoes Between The Ceremony And Reception

The perfect shoes for your ceremony may become less appealing when you think about wearing them during your reception, and on the dance floor. Many brides can bring an alternate pair of shoes to wear during the reception, so they are more comfortable until the end of their evening. When making your selection, remember that a change in heel height may have unexpected consequences for your gown length.

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