How Do I Come Up With My Ideal Guest List?

Professional Photo By: Jessica Chole Photography

You want to invite all the people you care about, but you want to control the size of your wedding. You want to make sure you have lots of friends on hand to help you celebrate, but you also want to keep space open to welcome your family. For many couples, the ideal guest list is tough to nail down, especially if you are hoping to control costs, or if you want to host a more intimate affair. In fact, you may want to start putting in names for your guest list soon after becoming engaged. Taking more time to discuss who should – or shouldn’t – make the cut, and taking the time to come up with a criteria you can agree on for who is welcome can help you avoid headaches when you need to send out invitations.

Our Parents Want Us To Include Certain People On Our Guest List – Should We Let Them?

If you have financial support from your parents, and/or your partner’s parents, they may expect some control over your guest list. Even if they say nothing about this when they agree to provide support, you may want to discuss the matter before you find yourself with a list of extra names to add to your “final” list.

Controlling The Size Of Your Wedding

If you want to host a smaller wedding, you may need to think about creating a strict criteria regarding invitations and plus-ones. If you create a rule about guests – for example, only inviting people who are familiar with you and your partner, or only inviting guests who have been friends for more than two years – you should both abide by what you set down. Reducing the number of plus-ones you offer can help you control your wedding size without losing people you know.

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