How Do I Know If I Have The Right Officiant For My Ceremony?

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Finding the right decorations, the right food and drink, and the right dress are all important to your overall wedding experience. When you think about your wedding ceremony in particular, you should also recognize how important it is to have the right officiant there for you on your special day. Selecting the “correct” officiant can be affected by your beliefs, your plans for your ceremony, and your personal feelings. While you may be interested in offering this position up to someone you and your partner are personally close to, it can benefit you to have a professional in this position. Texas Old Town can offer a list of officiants you can use to find the right person to help you exchange your vows.

Should We Use Someone We Know To Serve As An Officiant?

If you know someone who is already ordained, or if you have a friend willing to become ordained in time for your event, you may be interested in having them take on the officiant role. This can help make your vows feel more personal, and you may be more comfortable sharing this moment with someone you feel a bond with. It is worth noting that an experienced officiant can be more helpful with the rehearsal and execution of your ceremony; they can also be more comfortable managing what is likely to be an emotional moment.

Writing And Reciting Your Own Vows

Are you considering exchanging your own vows during your ceremony? This can create a window to let people see more of the relationship you and your partner have formed. However, it can be difficult if you are not comfortable having your own words read aloud. If you do plan to recite custom vows, make sure you put them through the necessary revisions to feel confident in them, and rehearse them before the big day.

Texas Old Town Can Provide A Wonderful Setting For Your Ceremony And Reception

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