How The Time Of Year Can Help You Plan Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Wedding planning can be exciting, but there is nothing wrong with admitting that all of the choices laid before you can be intimidating. You may find yourself second-guessing the wedding you envisioned long before becoming engaged, or you could find yourself with more details than you anticipated. Fortunately, you can find plenty of inspiration in different sources. While people often assume inspiration comes from professionals, or from wedding-oriented publications, you can find it in something as simple as the calendar. When you start planning your wedding, think about the time of year when it is being held. The season your wedding takes place in can help you narrow down decorative choices, and help you create your menu for your reception dinner.

Selecting Wedding Colors That Suit The Season

Finding colors to suit the season of your wedding can help you with your decorative efforts. Warm, sunny colors for spring and summer, or muted, formal hues for winter can be effective choices. With that said, you can also have fun by clashing with the weather – for instance, tropical colors at a winter wedding can create warmth, and more separation between your event, and the world outside.

If you want to provide plenty of fresh flowers for your decorations, look at what is in season around the time of your wedding. When you find the right flowers, you can use their colors to help plan your other decorations.

Think About The Weather Outside When You Plan Your Wedding Menu

Our appetites are affected by the temperature. If you want to host a summer wedding, a heavier meal might make people too sluggish to make the most of your dance floor. Something lighter and more refreshing can be more welcome during this time of year. If you expect cooler temperatures during your wedding, offering warm beverages like coffee and cocoa can delight your guests.

Texas Old Town Can Offer The Right Site For Your Austin Wedding

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