Providing A Groom’s Cake At Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

While the traditional tiered wedding cake has long been a recognizable fixture during wedding receptions, the groom’s cake has grown in popularity. The groom’s cake can be richer or heavier than the “standard” wedding cake, offering chocolate or fruit flavors. This dessert can also have a more unique appearance, as many couples will seek a fun style that can reflect their hobbies, passions, and interests. The groom’s cake is one way to depart from the familiar tiered wedding cake; if you want to provide dessert alternatives, you can explore many different options. In fact, many couples will have an assortment of non-cake desserts available to their guests during their reception dinner.

A Groom’s Cake Can Give Everyone A Good Look At Your Groom’s Personality

Many of your guests will already be familiar with your groom, and his interests. With that said, you can have friends or family members from out of town who have had little time to interact with him. The groom’s cake is not limited to your other decorative choices. Instead of worrying about the theme or color scheme in your reception area, encourage your groom to think of something that gives people real insight to who he is when he picks the look of the cake.

You Can Offer More Than Just Cake For Your Dessert Options

Not everyone would think of cake as their favorite dessert, and not every wedding dessert has to be a cake. If you serve a buffet style reception dinner, you may want to consider taking the buffet approach to your sweets, too. Putting out an array of treats like cookies, brownies, or cake pops can give guests something different to try. You can also set aside dessert options for people with dietary restrictions.

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