Should You Set Up A Honeyfund, Or A Traditional Registry?

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

A traditional gift registry provided married couples with an opportunity to acquire necessary furnishings and appliances for their shared home. This can be helpful, but couples are waiting to wed, and may live together before they have their wedding, which means traditional registry gifts can be less useful. If you and your partner see less benefit from a traditional gift registry, you may be interested in setting up a fund where people can donate to help with your honeymoon costs. Even if you prefer the tradition of bringing gifts over donating cash, you should think about how you can make sure your registry fits your needs.

Think About What You Have, And What You Need

You can certainly set up a fund where people can donate to help with your honeymoon. You also have the option of creating a donation for a charity you and your partner support. One thing to remember is that you do not have to commit entirely to one approach over the other! Setting up a conventional gift registry that is limited to select items you would like, and a fund for cash donations, can help you cover your interests, while avoiding a situation where you pad a registry with things you are less excited to have.

Other Tips To Make Gift-Giving Easier For Your Guests

It can be tempting to think that everyone will want to order gifts online, but limiting your registry options to ordering presents online can lead to issues. Older guests may prefer to go to a store, and last-minute shoppers may not leave themselves with enough time to have their order delivered before your wedding.

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