Using Flower Arrangements To Add Color To Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Few decorative features are as common to weddings as flower arrangements. They can be vital to your ceremony and reception spaces if you have a rustic wedding heavy on DIY wedding decorations, or if you have a more formal affair. They add elegance and natural beauty to your wedding, and they provide a great opportunity to showcase your wedding colors. You can create a visual flourish by featuring bold flowers in your reception centerpieces, and they can dress up the area that greets guests before your ceremony. If you want to make sure you have the right flowers for your special day, you can use our vendors list to find a florist who can help you bring your decorative ideas to life.

Do I Need To Use Real Flowers, Or Can I Use Silk Flowers?

Silk flowers can help you shave off some of your decorating costs. If you plan to craft your own decorations, you can count on silk flowers to stay in good condition even if you buy them well in advance of your wedding. With that said, you may want to limit their use to decorations where people are less likely to take a closer look at them. Silk flower boutonnieres, or silk flower ornamentation, can be cost-effective and lovely, but nosy guests might recognize fake flowers if they sit in front of them in your reception centerpieces.

Using Some DIY Craftiness To Turn Familiar Items Into Lovely Containers For Your Flowers

Finding the right flowers will be important, but you also need to think about finding the right containers. If you want to enjoy a DIY wedding experience, common items can be transformed into something charmingly homespun for your special day. You can be surprised by the way mason jars and other accessible containers might be easily worked into your overall decorating efforts.

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