What Roles Can Bridesmaids Take On Before The Wedding?

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Your bridesmaids are a collection of close friends and family members you want to stand with you when you say, “I do.” Depending on how directly involved you are in preparing for your wedding, your bridesmaids may take on roles to help you prepare for your special day. For example, a bride who intends to host a DIY wedding may ask for some support in collecting materials, or constructing decorations. Even if you prefer to enjoy more professional support by relying on Texas Old Town’s all-inclusive wedding package, your bridesmaids can be there for you in important way before the wedding. 

Including Bridesmaids In Pre-Wedding Events

Your bridesmaids may already be talking about how they are looking forward to your bachelorette party. This is, of course, one of several pre-wedding events you will host. It is normal for your bridesmaids to be at your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner. Bridesmaids who are traveling to be there for you may miss some events due to cost and time constraints – take time to talk with them about what they can attend, so there are no misunderstandings.

Should You Ask For Input From Your Bridesmaids On What Kind Of Dress They Should Wear?

One tough question you might face is whether or not you should let your bridesmaids offer their input on what dress they should wear. The problem with opening up a conversation is that if you have bridesmaids with different body types, you can almost certainly expect different priorities in their requests. If you are concerned about finding one dress to suit everyone, consider selecting a color and fabric, but let them make different design choices.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Plan, And Enjoy, Your Ideal Austin Wedding

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