What Should I Do For Music During My Reception?

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship Photography

Many different factors can affect the course of your wedding reception. Your food and serving choices, seating arrangements, and planned moments can all guide the evening in different ways. Your choice of music will also matter. You can find there are different advantages to hiring a live band, or hiring a DJ to take care of your music needs. The choice you make can affect the type of music, and the range of songs, you might hear during your event. With that said, both can give you an expert on hand to help keep the energy up in the room. 

Resist The Temptation To Rely On A Streaming Service To Provide Music

Couples who are looking for ways to save may be tempted by the idea of relying on a music streaming service to provide songs for the reception. While this can be a cost effective choice, you can miss out on several key advantages to having a professional on hand. With a DJ, or live band members, you have people who can read the room, and respond to it. Trusting your shuffle playlist can also lead to trouble – if you have kids at your wedding, you may be embarrassed when a song featuring questionable lyrics starts to play.

What You Can Gain From A DJ Or A Live Band At Your Reception

A DJ will be able to bring a larger selection of music, and can more easily take requests from your guests. A live band may not have access to a range of top current hits and classics, but they can be well versed in the kind of songs that tend to be hits at a wedding reception. If you are looking for someone who can serve as an emcee, while also handling music duties, make sure to address this during the hiring process.

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