What Should The Groom And Groomsmen Do Before The Wedding?

Professional Photo By: Elizabeth Birdsong Photography

The bride and her bridesmaids may need plenty of time before the ceremony to make sure everyone looks great. Having professional hair and makeup stylists on hand can help, but this can still be an involved process. With that said, how much time should you set aside for the groom and groomsmen to prepare? You certainly want people on hand with time to spare before the wedding begins, so you avoid an issue where late arrivals delay your walk down the aisle. While it may take less time for the groom and groomsmen to prepare, you want everyone to look their best. Having the guys come in early can give them time, and encouragement, to look as stylish as possible. The groomsmen can also help out by stepping in to provide help preparing your ceremony and reception spaces.

Making Sure Everyone Looks Great Before They Walk Down The Aisle

While they may not have stylists on hand, you want to encourage everyone in the groom’s party to look their best. Encourage everyone to arrive early, and dress on site. Make sure they know they have a space of their own to prepare – you can even set up a small collection of grooming accessories to make sure everyone has what they need to look their best.

Having Groomsmen Provide Support Before Your Wedding Begins

Since groomsmen tend to need less time to prepare for the ceremony, they can serve as helpers when you need to set up your decorations. This can be especially helpful if you are hosting a DIY wedding, and have more of your own decorations to bring in and arrange. If you do not have designated ushers, you may want to have a groomsman or two at the entrance to help people find their way to their seats…just make sure they are back in time to start the ceremony!

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