Creating Decorations For Your Rustic Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Your wedding day should fit your vision, and suit your tastes. For some couples, a formal wedding can feel restrictive, and not reflective of their personalities. You may feel more comfortable with planning and hosting a rustic wedding, where natural surroundings and DIY wedding decorations create your preferred experience. It can be a mistake to assume that “rustic” simply means a reduction in quality. Your wedding can depart from traditional formality, and still serve as a picturesque and memorable experience! This approach can also encourage you to feel more open to different decisions when it comes to what you serve during your reception, and how you serve it. With the right decorations, and your stunning outdoor ceremony setting, your special day can feel like a true extension of your tastes, and your personality.

Rustic Weddings Can Feel More Intimate, And More Welcoming

A rustic wedding can encourage guests to feel relaxed, which can make them feel more comfortable socializing. This approach can encourage you to make adjustments to events, particularly during your reception. A smaller, more laid back wedding day can encourage you to drop the seating chart, and use buffet or family-style serving to let people help themselves. That can encourage more movement, and more interaction.

Choosing The Right Outfits For Your Rustic Wedding

What kind of attire should you select for your rustic wedding? Depending on your preferred style, you can look for a vintage look, or go for something more rural. If you are struggling to choose the right outfits, picture yourself standing among your ideal wedding decorations, and imagine the outfit that feels best suited to the space.

Using Repurposed Materials For DIY Decorations

Repurposed jars, bottles, and other receptacles can be cheap and charming receptacles for flower arrangements. Generally speaking, DIY decorations can have a unique look, and create an opportunity to set your wedding apart.

Texas Old Town Can Give You The Perfect Space For A Beautiful Rustic Wedding

At Texas Old Town, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Texas hill country, while also enjoying fantastic professional support to help you bring your special day to life! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.