Helping People Find Their Seats During Your Wedding

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What should you do about seating arrangements during your wedding ceremony and reception? While people are largely free to sit wherever they please during the ceremony, you may want to take care to observe a few rules. The front rows are traditionally set aside for family, and you may choose to separate those attending on behalf of the bride, and on behalf of the groom. When it comes to the reception, you may want to provide a more detailed arrangement, and have everyone assigned their own seats. No matter what you decide to do, you should take some care in making sure there are no issues that result in confusion, or delays.

Do I Need To Separate The Ceremony Between Guests Of The Bride And The Groom?

You are not obligated to keep attendees separated by whether they are attending for the bride, or the groom. With that said, having ushers for your wedding can still be a good idea. They can help make sure people are arranged evenly on each side of the aisle, and they can help guests find their way if they are looking for the restroom, or for a place to leave their gifts. They can also help make sure the front rows are reserved for close family members – while people are generally aware of this tradition, you may run into an awkward situation if someone outside the family attempts to take these seats!

Creating A Seating Chart For Your Reception

A seating chart during your reception can make it easier for guests to receive their food if you are serving plated meals. They can also cut down on confusion, as people will not be searching for a preferred seat. With that said, you may prefer to do without this if you have a smaller and less formal wedding event.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Create A Plan For The Ideal Wedding

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