How Elaborate Should Our Pre-Wedding Events Be?

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Like your wedding itself, your pre-wedding events can take some planning. Your bachelor and bachelorette parties, your engagement party, the bridal shower, and your rehearsal dinner will demand time, energy, and some financial support. How much of these resources should you use on them? Elaborate or high-end gatherings can be fun, and they can help you really savor those big moments before your wedding day. With that said, you need to be mindful of what your overall budget is going to be, or how much you should comfortably ask of the people who help you plan and celebrate these events. The size of your wedding party will also be a factor – for instance, if you have a larger number bridesmaids and groomsmen, it can be tough to plan bigger bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Tips For Planning Bigger, More Elaborate Pre-Wedding Events

Some events, like your bridal shower, are typically planned by others. If you want to make these events bigger, make sure they have support, and that they are comfortable with these tasks. Making these events larger can turn them into something special, and you can create a fun, memorable evening with the people you care about.

Tips For Planning More Intimate, Relaxed Events

If you are already hoping to have a more relaxed, intimate wedding, the people you celebrate with may expect this approach for your pre-wedding events. These more relaxed gatherings can be more freeing, and make it easier to socialize.

What If I Have Wedding Party Members Who Are Traveling?

If you have several members of your wedding party who have to travel to help you celebrate, be mindful that they face expenses just to be present. Look for ways you can help make their travels easier – for instance, try to help them find lodging, if they are unable to stay with someone they know.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Celebrate Your Love With A Dream Wedding!

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