How Involved Should Our Parents Be In Planning Our Wedding?

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Your wedding is obviously an important occasion for you and your partner, but these celebrations are also meaningful to parents of the happy couple. While there is a long-held tradition of the bride’s family paying for the costs of a wedding, many are less observant of this standard. You may be paying for your wedding on your own, or you could be receiving some support from both sets of parents. If either of your parents are playing a part in helping you plan your wedding, they can expect to provide some input in the preparations. Your parents may have some suggestions they want to make for who should be in attendance at your wedding. They may also have ideas about the event itself. If you want to avoid clashing, it can be helpful to set expectations before you agree to financial support.

Setting Rules On What Parents Should, And Shouldn’t, Decide For Your Wedding

If your parents are helping pay for a wedding, they can reasonably expect to have some input. With that said, there is no clear rule for what they can decide, or how involved they should be. If you are worried about conflicts in the planning stage, find out what your parents, and/or your partner’s parents, are interested in. Learning this before money has changed hands can reduce tension while you plan.

Creating Your Guest List

Parents may consider your wedding a social event that reflects on them, and as a result, they may have some interest in inviting people you are not as close to. If you are interested in a larger celebration, this can be easy to accommodate. However, their list may make it harder for you to host a smaller wedding. Because this conversation can become tricky, make sure you are clear that you want a smaller, more intimate wedding up front, and be ready with your list of people you want there for you on your special day.

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