Making A Space For Kids At Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

With the right planning, and a beautiful Texas hill country setting, there can be plenty to love about your wedding ceremony and reception. When it comes to your youngest attendees, you may need to make some accommodations. Kids can be great fun at a wedding. The arrival of your flower girl and ring bearer can be an adorable highlight during everyone’s walk down the aisle, and people can be glad to meet the newest members of their friends’ families. With that said, children can be less than impressed with ceremonies and traditions, and boredom can turn into an excuse to act out. Making a few accommodations for your young guests can help keep them happy, and make it easier for their parents to enjoy themselves on your special day.

Making Space For Families When You Plan Your Seating Chart

If you expect parents to bring their kids, make plans accordingly when you arrange your seating chart. Keeping your younger guests near each other can curb their interest in moving freely in search of other people their age. You might also want to avoid leaving your single guests at kid-heavy tables.

Is The Dinner At Your Reception Kid-Friendly?

You can find impressive caterers who can offer a variety of meal options during your reception. If you plan on having young guests, consider offering food options that they might prefer. Greeting children with food they like can make things easier, and you can save money on plates of finer food they may not touch.

Other Accommodations You Can Make To Keep Kids Occupied

If you have a relatively small number of kids attending, and want to give them a dedicated space, consider setting up a designated table for them. A sitter, and a few fun games, coloring books, or toys can keep them occupied, and give their parents space to have fun with other adult guests!

Make Plans For A Reception Everyone Can Enjoy At Texas Old Town

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