Providing A Photo Booth, And Other Fun Reception Features

Professional Photo By: Pine and Blossom Photography

Your wedding reception gives you an opportunity to thank everyone for being in attendance on your special day. There are certain hallmarks of the reception event that people can expect – food, dessert, and the first dance all come to mind. Tradition matters, as does food, but you can also take care to make sure your reception is a truly fun event. Photo booths can add real value to your event. They serve as a nice, quick break for a couple who want to take a moment away from dancing and socializing. They also serve as a fun way to let people create lasting images. This is just one of several things you can do to make sure your guests have a great time at your reception.

Setting Up A Photo Booth For Your Guests

You can rent a photo booth that provides those recognizable strips of square photos, or set up a station with props and a fun backdrop. The goal is to create a space where people can commemorate their time at your wedding. Each comes with its own special benefits. The physical photos provided by a booth can be great keepsakes, while your backdrop gives people images they can take on their phone, and share on social media.

What Else Can I Do To Make Sure My Guests Have Fun During The Reception?

Desserts, drinks, and dancing can encourage people to have a great time, especially when they are already in a festive mood. Professional music services – either in the form of a wedding DJ, or a live band – can provide music that encourages everyone to keep having a great time. If you plan to host a larger wedding, you should make sure you have enough space for lots of people on your dance floor.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Enjoy A Wonderful Reception!

You can enjoy a beautiful ceremony, and follow it with a great reception experience, when you book your special day at Texas Old Town! Our premier Austin wedding venue is located conveniently near San Antonio and San Marcos. In addition to weddings, we can provide a great setting for your special event or corporate event. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.