Should My Partner And I Exchange Gifts Before Our Wedding?

Professional Photo By: Urban Grey Photography

There are many wedding traditions you can follow over the course of planning, and enjoying, your wedding day. Of course, some traditions can be of more interest to you and your partner than others. Many people see the exchange of gifts between the bride and groom as customary. Sometimes, this gesture is incorporated into the ceremony itself – you may exchange items that you will wear on your walk down the aisle. However, this is not always the case. You can make this exchange suit your relationship, and your interests. You can also forego it, if you prefer – after all, it is a private moment, not something people might expect to witness. While it is not honored by every couple, you may be interested in seeing how this tradition can be incorporated into your wedding.

Finding Ways To Make Traditions Fit Your Needs

Your gift exchange is something you and your partner can do in private, meaning it can be an exchange of anything you think the other might enjoy. With that said, you may want to think about your needs as a newly married couple. Your gift registry can do more than enough to stock your shared home. However, you may want to purchase something you can use for your honeymoon – you can look at buying luggage, or something more modest, like beachwear. Setting up expectations for your gift exchange can be a good idea, as you can tie this tradition to an immediate or near-immediate need.

Exchanging Gifts You Can Wear Down The Aisle

Wedding attire can certainly be a good gift – in fact, many brides and grooms hold off on selecting a particular wedding accessory, as it will be purchased by their partner. For instance, the groom can provide the bride with earrings she can wear down the aisle, while the bride purchases cuff links the groom will wear.

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