Working With Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

Professional Photo By: Brittany Jean Photography

Your ring bearer and flower girl can be absolutely adorable, but less than agreeable when it comes to planning their part in your wedding ceremony. Even if they are well-meaning, and trying their best, they are still kids, after all. So what can you do to make sure they make their walk down the aisle without issue? Practice is beneficial – the ring bearer and flower girl may benefit more than anyone else from your wedding rehearsal. Encouragement is also important. Of course, it can help to remember that because of their age, your guests are likely to appreciate their presence even if things go less than smoothly.

What Ages Are Appropriate For The Ring Bearer And Flower Girl Positions?

If you want a ring bearer and flower girl who are able to make the walk down the aisle on their own, you can look for children between the ages of four and eight. With that said, if you feel a child who is younger is up to the task of serving in your wedding, you can certainly invite them! If you want to include a child who is less than mobile, or new to walking, you can have a parent or guardian carry them down the aisle.

Helping Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl During Your Rehearsal

Young children can hardly be expected to have the same familiarity with wedding traditions, and the importance of the event, as adults. Be patient with the kids during your rehearsal, and be prepared to spend a little extra time helping them understand what they are doing. Maintaining an encouraging, fun tone can help them follow their steps without feeling put off by feelings of pressure.

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