3 Helpful Hints For Setting Up Your Wedding Gift Table

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

Your wedding gift table is more about function than style, but you can certainly spruce it up with the right decorations. You can highlight your wedding colors, include personalized pieces, like your engagement photos, and add floral arrangements to give it a more attractive look. Of course, you should be careful to avoid doing anything too elaborate – after all, you need plenty of space for gifts! Our Austin area event venue can help you celebrate your special day in a wonderful, accommodating setting. With the right approach, you can make sure your wedding table feels like a welcome addition to your overall decorations, even as it serves its purpose effectively.

1. Don’t Let The Decorations Take Up Too Much Space

Your wedding gift table needs to be large enough to have a chance to hold the gifts your guests bring. If you have larger items on your registry, or a larger guest count, space can be crucial. Of course, if you have a smaller wedding, and focus more on donations than physical gifts, you should still take care to leave room for items.

2. Make Sure You Have A Receptacle Of Some Kind For Cards

A receptacle for your cards can reassure guests who might worry over the prospect of leaving their gift in the open. You can find many stylish card boxes, or – if you want to showcase your DIY wedding skills – you can construct your own!

3. Make Sure It Stays Somewhere Visible…As Long As It’s Not In The Way

If you want to help your guests, make sure they have an easy time spotting your wedding gift table. Leaving people to awkwardly shuffle back and forth holding their gift can be uncomfortable. While you want your table to be prominent, make sure it stays clear of any areas where you expect more movement.

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