3 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Reception Meal

Professional Photo By: Dawn Elizabeth Studios

The idea of picking a meal for everyone at your wedding can feel daunting. Of course, this can feel like an opportunity as much as a challenge – the right selection can keep people buzzing, and add to their enjoyment of your wedding day. You can count on preferred vendors to help you with your catering services, and plan a tasty meal. Of course, the food itself is only one matter to address. You still need to think about how food should be served, and what kind of options you should have for picky eaters. The dinner is only one part of the reception, but with the right options, it can be one that people recall fondly.

1. You Need To Think About What Serving Style Is Right For You

Your serving style can influence how formal your reception feels. If you want to offer a finer dining experience, plated meals can be appropriate. If you want to serve up a more laid back evening, you can do better with family-style serving, or with a buffet.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Your Favorite Restaurant If They Offer Catering Services

While there are many catering companies capable of delivering quality meals during your event, you may have your heart set on a particular favorite restaurant. Not every restaurant offers to cater events, but you may be surprised at how many will make this service available.

3. Kids Can Be Picky Eaters – You May Want To Make Some Child-Friendly Options Are Available

If you plan to welcome kids at your wedding, you may need to consider what you put on plates. Your young guests may be picky eaters – having something child-friendly to serve can keep them happy, and make the night a little easier on their parents.

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