3 Tips To Help You Create DIY Flower Arrangements

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Taking on DIY wedding projects can give you opportunities to personalize your celebration in a truly meaningful way. One area where you can take on planning and designing is in the use of floral arrangements. You may choose to create your own bouquets and boutonnieres, or assemble flowers for custom centerpieces. While this can be a great project to tackle, there can be unexpected obstacles along the way. How can you make sure your efforts look terrific, while also working to remain well within your overall decorating budget? There are several smart tips that can make DIY flower arrangements a big hit for your wedding!

1. Think About How You Can Save Money

DIY projects are a great way to show off your creative talents during your wedding, but they can also serve as an effective cost-saving measure. If you want to make sure your pocketbook benefits while you flex your creative muscles, look for ways to limit your budget while you select your supplies. If you can order a certain type of flower in bulk, or incorporate fake flowers where appropriate, you can enjoy valuable savings.

2. Look To Enjoy The Most Life From Your Flowers

By cutting flower stems at a forty-five degree angle, you can make it easier for them to take in water, so that they stay healthy longer. If you use succulents, you can beautify your reception area with durable, but lush materials. Your succulents can maintain their health well enough that you can place them free, without surrounding potting soil.

3. DIY Containers Can Add Rustic Charm To Your Arrangements

Holding floral arrangements in DIY containers can help you maintain a rustic vibe that your guests are sure to notice, and appreciate. Everyday items like mason jars, bottles, and more can serve well for your decorations!

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