Answering Questions You May Have About Wedding Vendors

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

It is important to find vendors who give you a confident feeling about your wedding day. After all, the last thing you need to worry about is whether something handled by a professional will be done correctly. Of course, even with the right vendors, you may have some concerns, particularly around what you might need to do for them. What kind of payment arrangements should you make? Do you need to feed vendors who have work to do while your wedding takes place? Who needs to be tipped? The right wedding vendors can offer key support to help your wedding live up to your vision – with the right care, you can make sure you handle transactions successfully, while showing your appreciation for their efforts.

Taking Care Of Payments For Your Vendors

Different vendors can have different requirements for down payments and final payments. For catering, drink services, and other work done on the day of your event, you should be prepared to have money ready for vendors on your wedding day. You can avoid potential confusion by making it clear what is owed and when in advance, but in some cases, the final price can be unpredictable. For instance, the amount your guests consume from your open bar can impact how much you ultimately owe.

Providing Food For Vendors Who Work During Your Wedding

For vendors like photographers and musicians, it can be customary to offer them food. You should factor these people in when you think about how many meals need to be prepared.

Keeping In Communication With Your Vendors On Your Wedding Day

You should make sure you have a dependable way of reaching vendors on your wedding day. While you can count on professionals to have things well in hand, you should certainly feel within your rights to make sure you can talk to someone accountable to your requested service on such an important day.

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