Find Ways To Honor The Memory Of Loved Ones At Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Brittany Jean Photography

Your wedding day allows you to celebrate your future surrounded by friends and family. Unfortunately, there may be an important person, or important people, who are no longer with you to help share your joy. While you plan your event, you may want to look for ways to honor the memory of a friend or relative. You can hold onto something personal by adding something commemorative to your attire. You can also look for ways to create space to pay tribute at your reception. If you are looking for ways to honor a family member, speak with your relatives. There may be some sensitivity around the acknowledgment, or a tradition they can recommend. If you want to make this person more familiar to guests who may be unfamiliar with the person being honored, you can certainly add an in memoriam to talk about who they were, and why they were special to you.

Wearing Something Special To Honor Someone’s Memory

When it comes to commemorative attire, there are small things you can do to feel close to someone who has passed. You may want to wear a small locket with their picture inside, or pin photos to the bouquet you carry with you down the aisle. You can also do something less direct – a white rose in your bouquet can be something small, but meaningful, that you can use to think about someone.

Create A Space To Honor People Who Are Important To You

There are different approaches you can take to honoring someone’s memory during your reception. You can incorporate an empty seat as you work out your seating chart, to show that a certain special person is welcome in spirit. You can also create a memory table. This table can hold photographs, and any items you might associate with people who have passed.

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