Keeping Up With All The Thank You Notes You Need To Send

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

The end of your wedding means the end of planning and preparing, and the start of your married life. Well, almost – after your special day is wrapped up, you still need to do the work of writing and sending thank you notes to the people who brought gifts to your wedding. These notes should show real appreciation for what you received. This means that e-notes, or generalized cards, can feel inappropriate. While the job itself has to wait until after the wedding, there are a few things you can do to make things easier. Make sure you still have everyone’s address, and hold onto any postage that you have left over from sending out invitations. While these cards are important, they are not the only way you can show gratitude – the wedding favors you provide are also a nice token for your guests.

Keeping Track Of Who Gave What Can Be Crucial When It’s Time To Send Thank You Notes

Tracking the information on who gave what at your wedding will help you maintain order as you write up your cards. As you catalog what you received, you can jot down any words of appreciation that pop into your mind, so that you have something to draw from as you write out your notes.

Your Wedding Favors Show Gratitude To Everyone Who Attends Your Special Day

The wedding favors you hand out can take the form of a keepsake, or a special treat before the night closes. Personalized gifts can be a nice way to tie your gifts back to your event. If you want to host a DIY wedding, you can look into offering some form of homemade item to your guests.

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