Making Time For Wedding Toasts At Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Addison Studios

You can count on everyone’s attention during your wedding ceremony, but your wedding reception can give several special people a moment in the spotlight. Traditionally, the wedding speeches at your reception let people like the bride’s father and the best man say something about your wedding, and your relationship. The groom can also take a moment to thank everyone for attending and making your special day possible. Of course, you should feel free to make the toast suit your preferences. You can select who you wish to speak, make the toast portion of your reception longer or shorter, and generally create the moment you want for your wedding.

How Many Speeches Do We Need To Include During Our Reception?

People can expect you to hold a moment for wedding toasts, which typically come from the father of the bride, and the best man. Your groom can also take a moment to offer a toast, which can focus more on expressing your gratitude at everyone’s presence.

Feel Free To Break From Tradition When It Comes To Wedding Toasts

Would you like to give your maid of honor the opportunity to say something? Is your best man hesitant to speak in public? How about a toast from a grandparent? This is your wedding we’re talking about, and you can feel free to plan your toast to suit your preferences. One thing you should consider is that this portion can feel long if too many people speak, or if too much time is taken per speech. Gently encouraging people to limit the length of their comments can help you avoid a situation where guests are doing their best to patiently await the end of the toasts.

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