Planning Your Wedding With Your Maid Of Honor’s Help

Professional Photo By: Addison Studios

Your maid of honor, or matron of honor, is obviously an important person in your life. While asking them to stand beside you at the altar is a gesture of clear affection, the position also calls for some support. How involved should your maid or matron of honor be with your wedding planning? What can you reasonably ask of them, and how can you properly show them how much you appreciate their support? Communication can be the key to maintaining your friendship while preparing for your special day. When you have the right setting, the right partner, and the support of the people you care about, you can look forward to an amazing wedding experience!

Setting Expectations Early

While the person you select as your maid or matron of honor likely knows you well enough to know what kind of expectations you have, it can be good to make things clear from the beginning. Letting them in on the hopes you have for your wedding, and the challenges that might lie ahead, can help them understand what they can do for you.

The Planning Of Important Pre-Wedding Events

Many future brides will have their family lead planning efforts for events like the bridal shower. If your family is not, or cannot, take this on, your maid or matron of honor can be the person for the job. They may also step in to help your family with planning. Of course, there is one pre-wedding event you certainly want close friends to handle – your bachelorette party!

Make Sure You Show Your Maid Or Matron Of Honor How Much Their Support Means To You

While everyone in your wedding party should receive some token of your appreciation, you can take extra care to show your maid or matron of honor how much they mean to you. A gift can be warmly received, but you should also look for little gestures that show how much help they have provided.

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