Taking Steps To Pick Your Ideal Wedding Cake

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Finding that perfect wedding cake – the one that looks great in your reception space, and feeds all those hungry guests – can be challenging. It may not be made to last, but the look of your cake is important. After all, few images are more recognizable than the tiered wedding cake. Of course, you also want to find something that tastes good, fits your budget, and fits in with your overall style. There are steps you can take to make sure your dessert is a big hit with everyone. Your tasting will be important, as you can take care of meaningful details. You also have the option to diversify your dessert options, and give people more to choose from during your wedding reception.

Make The Most Of Your Tasting

Your cake tasting will give you the opportunity to hammer out vital details before you place your order. You should go into these meetings with a solid idea of how many guests you expect to host, as this information is needed to determine matters of cake size, and costs. If you want to present an attractive centerpiece cake, and limit your costs, you may want to do a smaller tiered cake, and have sheet cakes with the same icing and material on hand.

Should We Have A Groom’s Cake, Too?

A groom’s cake is a popular alternative cake that showcases something important to the groom. While this is not a mandatory feature, it is something that guests – and the groom, of course – can enjoy.

Adding Other Treats To The Mix

You can certainly bring other dessert options to your wedding reception. A buffet table with an assortment of cookies and other treats can be a nice surprise for people. Your end-of-the-night treats can be more than just dessert, too. Many couples have had success offering coffee to guests as their evening comes to a close.

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