3 Tips To Help You Plan A Gorgeous Winter Wedding!

Professional Photo By: Photos By Yaz

One of the first choices you can make when you need to make in wedding planning is simply selecting when your special day will take place. Couples often select conventional options – people frequently think of summertime as the preferred “wedding season.” Winter weddings can encourage creativity and style choices that take guests by surprise in the best ways. You can use the season to inspire different color choices, different outfits, and even different catering options! Taking yourself outside of the usual wedding season also has a practical benefit – many wedding vendors can be less busy than they might be in periods when other couples select their wedding date.

1. The Right Shawl Or Wrap Can Look Great (And Help You And Your Bridesmaids Stay Warm)

The right accessories can take your wedding look to the next level. One thing you can do in the winter months is think about how you can combine practical and style choices in the form of wraps and shawls. These accessories can help you and your bridesmaids remain comfortable, while also wearing something elegant that helps you stand apart from many wedding looks.

2. Elegant, Muted Tones Can Help Your Winter Wedding Stand Out

Winter-friendly colors can work well for a sophisticated wedding experience. The cooler, more elegant tones can be ideal for a more formal gathering. (Of course, inspiration works in other ways – a fun thing you can do is select tropical tones to create a contrast with the chilly weather.)

3. Warm Beverages Can Keep Guests Happy (And Comfortable)

Hot beverages like cocoa and coffee can be welcome by guests who arrive at your winter wedding. These beverages can inspire your cocktail choices, but you can also offer them as a non-alcoholic treat. Welcoming guests with a warm drink before your ceremony can be especially welcome.

Texas Old Town Is Excited To Offer Couples A Wonderful Winter Wedding Experience

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