4 Fun Ideas To Consider With Your Catering

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

As much as you can focus on the look of your wedding, you should also pay attention to taste…literally, in the case of catering. While your reception dinner and wedding cake can be the centerpieces of your catering options, there are other things you can do, and ways to approach your serving options that act as pleasant surprises for your guests. You may want to have snacks ready before the start of your ceremony, or during a “cocktail hour” between your ceremony and reception. You can also come up with fun alternative approaches for your desserts, and even find a way to serve guests at the end of your night.

1. Have Light Snacks Available To Guests When They Arrive

If your reception dinner is being served later in the evening, or if you just want to encourage everyone to be in good spirits at the start of your ceremony, snacks are helpful. Having finger foods on hand can give people a chance to nibble while they mingle before taking their seats.

2. Consider Asking Your Favorite Restaurant To Cater Your Event

What kind of food do you typically expect to see at a wedding? While plenty of caterers can offer traditional fare, you might want to do things differently. If you and your partner love a certain restaurant, ask them about their catering services – more establishes offer this than you might realize.

3. Offer A “Dessert Buffet” Along With Your Wedding Cake

A “dessert buffet” can feature a spread of different treat options you can serve your guests, along with your cake. This can be a great option if you have no alternative groom’s cake on hand for variety.

4. Offer Coffee At The End Of The Night

You want everyone to enjoy themselves, but still arrive home safely. A cup of coffee at the end of your night can help people perk up before their drive home.

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