Adding The Right Style Touches For Your Groomsmen

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

They stand at the aisle to support the groom, and they certainly draw less attention than the bride, but your groomsmen should still look their best. For many wedding parties, the groomsmen will closely match the groom, with care taken to allow the groom to subtly (or not so subtly) stand apart from the rest. So what kind of look should you plan for your groomsmen? One thing you can think about is how their appearance reflects on your celebration. Obviously, their attire should match the formality of your wedding, and complement the groom. With the right accessories, you can add to their look – boutonnieres, ties, and other relatively minor pieces can add color, and create a level of distinction for the guys who stand with you at the altar.

The Right Accessories Can Help You Create A Unified Look For Your Groomsmen

Matching ties, belt clips, and boutonnieres can all act to link your groomsmen to the wedding party. If you are concerned about having an exact match, you can use the thank-you gift for your groomsmen to provide attire for them. Selecting a particular tie that everyone can wear, and keep, creates a memento of your special day, and presents an attractive look across the guys.

Dressing A Man Who Is Included In The Bridal Party

For some brides, a male friend is too important to leave out of the wedding. If you have a man standing with your bridesmaids, you may wonder if he should dress like one of the groomsmen, or wear something different. One compromise is to have him wear the same style of suit or tuxedo as the groomsmen, but wear a tie that matches the color of your bridesmaid dresses.

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