How Should You Approach Creating Your Gift Registry?

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

A gift registry, when correctly assembled, can offer couples the right materials to comfortably start their lives together. The value of traditional gifts, which often center around goods needed for the home, has changed – after all, many couple already live together before walking down the aisle. When you think about what to include on your registry, think about what could practically benefit you and your partner. That can mean upgrading certain appliances, or taking on new items you have yet to purchase. Of course, it can also mean encouraging people to offer different sorts of gifts. Honeyfunds, which help couples plan their honeymoons, and other nontraditional wedding gifts, are certainly acceptable. After all, this is your wedding – you should see to it that it suits your needs!

Make Sure Your Gift Registry Covers Your True Needs

So how should you look at your wedding gift registry? Older and more traditional guests can appreciate having a collection of items to buy, with a focus on home goods. Of course, you can also have people who are relieved to know they can simply arrive with a card containing a cash gift. While you can mix and match in your assembled registry, think about this before you select something to include:  Am I asking for this because I want it, or because it seems like something I’m “supposed” to include?

Making Space For Gifts At Your Venue

If you are expecting physical gifts at your wedding, you should designate a space where guests can leave those gifts. When you plan your gift table, your first thought should be to make sure it is large enough to hold the gifts you expect (something that can help couples hosting a larger wedding). While you should decorate this space, remember that doing something too elaborate can intrude on space for gifts.

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