Month: November 2018

3 Tips To Help You Plan A Gorgeous Winter Wedding!

One of the first choices you can make when you need to make in wedding planning is simply selecting when your special day will take place. Couples often select conventional options – people frequently think of summertime as the preferred “wedding season.” Winter weddings can encourage creativity and style choices that take guests by surprise… Read more »

Should I Have Live Or Recorded Music For My Ceremony?

Your walk down the aisle can be the most memorable moment for you, and your guests, at your wedding. The sight of the bride, the dress, and the groom’s reaction can be unforgettable. Of course, there is more to the moment than just what people are seeing. Music can have a real impact on your… Read more »

Finding The Perfect Centerpieces For Your Reception

The centerpieces at your wedding reception can add color and style to your surroundings, and help you personalize the space. There is no single “correct” type of centerpiece, but there are matters to consider when you select yours. You should look for a centerpiece design that fits the formality of the event, and you should… Read more »

Finding Ways To Thank Your Wedding Guests For Their Support

Because your wedding is a special, significant moment in your life, the presence of your friends and family can be truly meaningful. While the typical guest list can range greatly in size, every person who attends is showing attention and affection for you and your partner on your special day. Traditionally, the couple provides some… Read more »

4 Fun Ideas To Consider With Your Catering

As much as you can focus on the look of your wedding, you should also pay attention to taste…literally, in the case of catering. While your reception dinner and wedding cake can be the centerpieces of your catering options, there are other things you can do, and ways to approach your serving options that act… Read more »

Planning Important Events Around Your Wedding

There are several events you need to plan that occur near your wedding date. While some activities, like your bridal shower and bachelorette party, are handled by your family or your wedding party, there are others that you can expect to plan. You will want to make plans for your engagement photos and bridal portraits,… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You On The Morning Of Your Wedding

While your obvious goal is to make sure every part of your wedding planning efforts are done in a timely manner, your day-of preparations can be the most time-sensitive. What can you do to make sure that you and your bridal party are all ready to make your walk down the aisle when your ceremony… Read more »

Creating Beautiful Seasonal Bouquets For Your Wedding

Few decorations at your wedding will be as lively as your bouquets. Your bouquet can provide you with a vibrant flourish to contrast against your white wedding dress. The bridal bouquet is not the only time you can work flowers into someone’s wedding look. There are boutonnieres for the men in the wedding, corsages for… Read more »

Using Online Tools For Your Invitations And RSVPs

The moment you send out invitations for your wedding can carry an understandable degree of importance. The rise of online communication has changed the process of sending out invitations, and recording RSVPs, for many people. As evites have grown in popularity, couples have found themselves attracted to the idea of reaching out to people with… Read more »

Making Sure You Have The Time To Properly Plan Your Wedding

There are many ways you can approach your wedding. You can welcome a select few close friends and family for an intimate event, or make your special day as big and inviting as possible. No matter what you choose to do with this experience, there will be plenty of planning between your engagement and saying… Read more »