Planning Important Events Around Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

There are several events you need to plan that occur near your wedding date. While some activities, like your bridal shower and bachelorette party, are handled by your family or your wedding party, there are others that you can expect to plan. You will want to make plans for your engagement photos and bridal portraits, and you can be involved in planning your rehearsal dinner. While there are different requirements for each event, finding the right setting for your photo sessions and your rehearsal dinner will be important. In addition to hosting weddings and other special events, we gladly welcome couples who are looking for a space to take photos. We also welcome couples to host their rehearsal dinner with us after they go through their rehearsal.

The Right Setting For Important Photo Sessions

Your bridal portraits and engagement photos can capture moments you can cherish and preserve over the years. You can look forward to taking your pictures against the stunning backdrop of Texas Hill Country, which can help you create wonderful images.

Hosting Your Rehearsal Dinner

Your wedding rehearsal is an important final step before your special day. You should make the most of this time, and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident with their role walking down the aisle. Of course, as important as this is, you should not let the demands of your rehearsal interfere with your final dinner before your wedding. For many couples, this is the last time they see each other until the ceremony. We can offer you the convenience of keeping your dinner nearby, so that people can easily gather and enjoy themselves.

Texas Old Town Is Proud To Offer A Beautiful Setting For Your Wedding Events

The beautiful Texas Old Town surroundings can be used for more than just weddings. We can also welcome you if you are interested in taking your engagement and bridal photos with us, and we can welcome everyone at your rehearsal dinner. In addition to hosting weddings, we also host corporate events and special events. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.