Sharing Important Wedding Details With Your Guests

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

What should people wear to your wedding? Are you and your partner encouraging families to attend, or will you ask that people leave their kids at home? When it comes to making details of your wedding known to guests, you need to concern yourself with more than just the date and time of your event. Unfortunately, it can feel difficult to fit in details about the formality of your event, and your preferences on who, exactly, is welcome, into your invitations. With that said, you have other resources to effectively communicate with people. Many couples use their wedding website to provide important information that is too detailed, or just not the right fit, for their invitations and save the date notices. Of course, it is worth noting that the people you invite are people you know – when in doubt, reaching out directly can be valuable.

Sharing Information On Your Wedding Website

Your wedding website can elaborate on matters like your wedding registry, which you are better off leaving out of your invitation. You can also elaborate on matters like preferred attire, hotel accommodations, and other useful bits of information.

How Much Can I Include In My Wedding Invitations?

Your wedding invitations can say more than you realize. One thing to consider is that the formality of your invite will clue people in on what to expect from your event. When it comes to who is invited, being clear on the envelope is vital – addressing it specifically to a couple, rather than to the “[Last Name] Family” can indicate you prefer their kids stay home. Of course, doing the opposite can convey the opposite message.

Be Prepared To Answer Questions From Your Guests

A few questions from people can be inevitable. Be prepared to answer questions from prospective guests, even if those questions are covered in your website. You can make communication easier by sharing important points with your family, who can communicate with other relatives on your behalf.

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