Using Online Tools For Your Invitations And RSVPs

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

The moment you send out invitations for your wedding can carry an understandable degree of importance. The rise of online communication has changed the process of sending out invitations, and recording RSVPs, for many people. As evites have grown in popularity, couples have found themselves attracted to the idea of reaching out to people with digital invites. This can help you save on your costs, and it can be easier to keep up with than physical invitations. With that said, it can be easier for someone to overlook an email than a physical card, which can delay your responses. If you intend to rely on online tools to send invitations and record responses, you may want to take some extra steps to ensure there are no issues with miscommunication.

Making Sure Everyone Sees Your Invitations, And Can Respond

One problem with online invitations is that they can be caught in spam filters, or overlooked. If you also track RSVP responses through online tools, people who spend less time on their computer can encounter difficulties letting you know their intention to attend. Be prepared to follow up with people who are slow to respond, and make sure they received your evite. If you have older relatives who spend little time online, you may want to arrange to send them physical invitations with RSVP cards.

Breaking With Tradition Can Sometimes Offer Important Advantages

Wedding traditions can offer guidance, and you can look forward to honoring many of them. With that said, you can find that a few breaks from tradition help you make the most of your wedding experience. If you are unsure of what you might need off of a traditional wedding registry, something like a honeyfund can be more worthwhile. You can also break from traditions by having an “out of season” wedding, or providing dessert options outside of the usual wedding cake.

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