Warmly Welcoming Guests Who Travel To Be At Your Wedding

Photography By Bellagala

For some guests, the act of attending your wedding will take more planning, more accommodations, and – simply put – more money. These are the guests who attend despite living out of an easy driving range. This could be family members from a different part of the country, or old friends who have moved away, or who you knew from a part of your life spent in a different area than you currently reside. Because out of town guests have to put a little more effort into attending a wedding, it is common for couples to do something that shows their appreciation. This can occur in the form of working with a nearby hotel on a group deal, or providing information on accommodations and local activities. You can also extend an invitation to attend your rehearsal dinner, or host a special gathering for them.

Making Sure Out Of Town Guests Have The Right Resources, And Things To Do

If you expect several people to travel for your wedding, you can reach out to hotels in the area and discuss possible discounts. You can find several possible places on our vendors page. If people plan to bring their families, they may need to keep the kids entertained during the day before your ceremony. Recommending fun activities in the area can be beneficial to them.

Showing Your Appreciation To Guests Who Travel To Attend Your Wedding

If you have out of town guests who expect to arrive the night before your wedding, you can extend an invitation to your rehearsal dinner. This informal gathering can help them meet others who will attend your wedding in a relaxed setting, and give them a nice meal to enjoy when they arrive. If you have a larger number of guests arriving from out of town, or want to limit your rehearsal dinner, you can consider hosting a special brunch or dinner for them as a way of saying thanks.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Warmly Welcome Guests Who Travel To Be At Your Wedding

Texas Old Town can offer you a beautiful venue space nestled in Texas Hill Country, and you can look forward to greeting all of your guests at your Austin wedding! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.