Ways To Keep Kids Entertained During Your Reception

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You can count on most of your guests to watch proudly as you say your vows during your wedding ceremony, and show their support during your reception. Unfortunately, your youngest attendees may be less than enthralled by what they see, and more likely to lose interest. After all, kids typically have little familiarity with weddings, and a friend’s children may be watching an event meant to celebrate someone they have never met. With that said, kids can provide lots of energy and fun on your special day, and you may have a hard time feeling that your day feels “right” without younger relatives there for you and your partner. Making plans to keep your youngest guests entertained can keep them happy, and make it easier for their parents to enjoy themselves at your wedding.

Providing A Designated Kids’ Area In Your Reception Seating Layout

While kids are increasingly engaged with tablets and other devices, you may want to plan some entertainment for them at the reception. A designated kids’ table with a few games, coloring books, and other items can give them something to do, and keep them engaged. You can also keep kids happy by keeping families closer to each other. That can give them other people to interact with nearby, so they are less likely to wander away from their parents.

Should I Provide Different Meals For Kids?

While it may be difficult to plan a separate kids’ meal, you may want to discuss kid-friendly options with your catering service. While children rarely have sophisticated palates, your caterer has likely been responsible for providing food for younger diners before, and can offer recommendations.

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