Month: December 2018

Making Sure Your Wedding Vendors Know What You Want

The right wedding vendors can make the necessary arrangements, and ensure your wedding experience is what you envision for your self. With that said, a vendor can only execute your plans properly if they know what you really want on your special day. What can you do to make sure your desires are understood? You… Read more »

Some Wedding Tasks May Need More Time Than You Realize

The time between a couple’s engagement and their wedding can vary. If you and your partner plan for a longer engagement period, you may feel comfortable holding off on preparations. While there is nothing wrong with taking time to simply celebrate your new relationship status, you may need more time than you realize to properly… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Feel Comfortable Speaking At Your Wedding

The bride and groom can certainly count on being the center of attention during their wedding. For many couples, this is certainly no problem. After all, you put so much work into making your special day feel truly special, so of course you want people to be there for it, and for you. Still, if… Read more »

What Should I Do To Decorate My Aisle?

Decorations for your wedding ceremony space can help you make the setting feel like yours. Because you have access to a beautiful outdoor setting, and the Texas Hill Country surrounding you, the right approach to decorating can be a conservative one. With that said, the right touches can make a big impact. One space you… Read more »

Selecting Thoughtful Gifts For Your Wedding Party

It can be hard to tell the people who make up your wedding party exactly how much their support means to you. They can help you plan and celebrate important pre-wedding events, and they can offer advice and support as you work to prepare your special day. Traditionally, the happy couple will provide a token… Read more »

How Formal Should The Groom And Groomsmen Be?

Admittedly, it can be easy to place more attention on what the bride wears to the wedding than what the groom chooses for the big day. While tradition often sees grooms don the classic tuxedo, many have looked at other options to wear when they walk down the aisle. Because the groomsmen should follow the… Read more »

Making Plans For Your Wedding Reception Bar Service

The right wedding reception allows everyone to end their night in good spirits. Your bar service can help foster a celebratory mood during the event itself, but planning to offer drinks can lead to some difficulties. As popular as an open bar can be, the demand it places on your budget can be significant. You… Read more »

Tips To Help You Find And Exchange Your Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings can be the most important pieces of jewelry you and your partner possess. They symbolize the lifelong commitment you two are making with each other, and it can certainly feel intimidating to make a purchase this important. While you can show off your engagement ring from the moment you become engaged, your… Read more »

Making The Most Of Your Ushers At Your Wedding

Not everyone with an important role in your wedding will be with you at the altar. Your ushers will be important to your ceremony because they help everyone find their places, and they can field questions from arriving guests. While their roles can vary depending on your needs, their help bringing people to their seats,… Read more »

Can’t Decide On Your Wedding Colors? Use These Helpful Tips

Your wedding colors can be an important aspect of your overall wedding look. These colors can help you navigate style choices, and create a cohesive theme to your decorations. So what happens if you find yourself at a loss for what colors to select? What should you do if you feel incapable of committing to… Read more »