3 Tips To Help You Feel Comfortable Speaking At Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Photos By Yaz

The bride and groom can certainly count on being the center of attention during their wedding. For many couples, this is certainly no problem. After all, you put so much work into making your special day feel truly special, so of course you want people to be there for it, and for you. Still, if you or your partner are shy by nature, then the attention on you might be something you are less than comfortable with. That discomfort can be particularly troubling when you face the prospect of giving a toast during your wedding reception, or if you and your partner plan to recite your own vows. Preparation can be key if you want to guard against nerves in these moments. It can also help to simply remind yourself that everyone in attendance is there to support you, not judge you.

1. Make Sure You Have Any Speech Written (And Rehearsed!) Before The Big Day

Having your speech written out and recited can help you avoid mistakes that affect your concentration. Even if you intend to keep things short, being ready with a prepared statement can be beneficial.

2. You Can Keep Things Short And Sweet

If you are a more reserved person by nature, people are not likely to expect a long or elaborate speech. Focus on sharing your feelings for your partner, and the support from your guests, rather than trying to be as entertaining as possible.

3. Remember – Everyone Is At Your Wedding To Support You, Not Judge You

Depending on the size of your guest list, you may have a large group watching you exchange vows, and greeting you at your reception. If you start to feel pressure when eyes are on you, remember that everyone there is helping you celebrate, so you will not be judged if you give a speech that is less than perfect.

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