Drafting Your Wedding Day Timeline

Professional Photo By: Rooted Trumpet Photography

Planning and organizing will help you manage tasks in the time before your wedding. So once the day itself arrives, you relax, let go of your schedule, and just enjoy the day…right? As much as your wedding day is about celebrating your love, and making a commitment to your partner, it can also demand more of the planning and preparation that helped make the event possible. One thing you should certainly plan is to draft a wedding day timeline. A schedule of events – meaning a timeline of tasks before the wedding, and a timeline for your ceremony and reception – can help you keep everything on track. It can also be good to share this with people in your wedding party, so they know what to expect.

Why Do I Need To Make A Schedule For My Wedding Day?

Your wedding day can feel hectic, but a schedule for the start of your day can help frame your tasks and keep you on track to start your ceremony on time. By putting together a timeline for the wedding celebration itself, you can make sure your wedding vendors with jobs during the wedding itself, like your caterers, photographers, and musicians, know what to expect.

Make Sure Everyone In Your Wedding Party Knows Your Schedule

Communicating your schedule with your wedding party is important, because it helps everyone understand where they need to be, and when. This can be especially important for the bridal party, as you need time for everyone to have their hair and makeup styling performed. You can also use your schedule to “gently” remind the guys in the groom’s party that they have time to help set up decorations.

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