How Formal Should The Groom And Groomsmen Be?

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

Admittedly, it can be easy to place more attention on what the bride wears to the wedding than what the groom chooses for the big day. While tradition often sees grooms don the classic tuxedo, many have looked at other options to wear when they walk down the aisle. Because the groomsmen should follow the style example of the groom, this means that all of the guys in your wedding party can pursue a less traditional look. Should you consider breaking from tradition and having your groom wear something less formal? You can base this decision on the look of your dress, and the overall formality of your wedding event – your groom should be a good match for both.

Your Attire Should Match The Formality Of Your Event

Many people appreciate the examples set for them by wedding traditions – popular traditions, and traditions set by their families. With that said, your special day should be a reflection of you, your partner, and the life you are building together. If you feel more comfortable hosting a more casual, laid back event, your groom can wear a more relaxed outfit. If you feel that your wedding should be a formal affair, a tuxedo can be the preferred choice. In any case, the groomsmen should match closely. A different color for the groom’s neck wear, or a special boutonniere, can be enough to create separation.

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