Making Plans For Your Wedding Reception Bar Service

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

The right wedding reception allows everyone to end their night in good spirits. Your bar service can help foster a celebratory mood during the event itself, but planning to offer drinks can lead to some difficulties. As popular as an open bar can be, the demand it places on your budget can be significant. You can also be concerned with offering the “right” drink options, or struggling to come up with your signature his-and-hers cocktails. With the right strategy, you can find a way to affordably keep glasses raised during your reception. You can also make plans to offer welcoming beverage options for any guests on hand who do not drink.

Serving Drinks To Your Guests Without Breaking The Bank

How open does your open bar need to be? Some couples can control costs by offering up complimentary beer and wine, or by limiting their liquor options to signature cocktails. Your menu size affects more than just your wallet. If you give people too many choices, you may see fewer people on the dance floor, and more in line trying to decide what to drink.

Select Beverages That Suit The Season, And Your Dinner

Different cocktails have the ability to warm us, or help us cool down. Be mindful when you select your drink options of how the weather might affect tastes. Your seasonal drink options also matter when you plan non-alcoholic beverage options. You may want to greet your guests with a cup of cocoa during a winter wedding, or a refreshing lemonade for a summer gathering.

Of course, you should also think about what kind of food you serve. Make sure you have the right wine options for your courses, and make sure people have drinks that suit the formality of dinner.

Welcome Your Guests To Raise A Glass At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

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