Making The Most Of Your Ushers At Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Not everyone with an important role in your wedding will be with you at the altar. Your ushers will be important to your ceremony because they help everyone find their places, and they can field questions from arriving guests. While their roles can vary depending on your needs, their help bringing people to their seats, and keeping your aisle clear, can be important – particularly if you have a larger guest list. You can also count on ushers to help with tasks that need to be resolved before your special day officially starts. Close friends or family members often take on the role of ushers, and it is customary for ushers, like everyone in your wedding party, to receive a gift in thanks for their help.

Your Ushers Can Help Field The Questions And Concerns Of Guests Before Your Ceremony

The day leading up to your wedding is bound to feel hectic, and it can be difficult for the bride and bridesmaids to manage tasks while also receiving cosmetic services in advance of the ceremony. Having ushers you trust to arrive early and follow directions can be important. Even before the guests arrive, you may want ushers in place to facilitate communication between the bridal suite and groom’s suite. They can also help with decorating efforts.

Do Ushers Receive Gifts For Their Role In The Wedding?

Your ushers, like your groomsmen, should receive a gift from the groom. In fact, you can plan to give them the same type of gift offered to the groomsmen. Even if they are not standing with the groom, they are freely giving their time and effort to make sure that your day is a success – that certainly calls for a token of appreciation!

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