Planning A Successful Reception Dinner For Your Guests

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

As exciting as it is to have everyone present for your ceremony, your wedding reception can make a meaningful impact on your guests. The reception lets you celebrate your marriage with the people you are close to, and it gives you the chance to thank them for their presence with a lovely dinner and party. Planning the meal for your reception can be intimidating, as there are several logistical issues you have to confront. How should you arrange your guests? What will you serve, and in what way will you serve it? Pretty much every couple faces these questions, and there are no “right” answers – this is your event, and you should look for the arrangement that feels right for you and your guests.

Is A Seating Arrangement Really That Important?

There are practical benefits to be gained from placing your guests at certain seats. One immediate benefit is that it can cut down on confusion, and delays, as people will not have to negotiate what table they want. This can be especially important for a larger wedding. If you have plated meals, and give people options on what to eat, a seating arrangement can ensure people have their food sooner. With that said, you may choose to forgo arranged seating if you have a smaller gathering with a buffet style or family style dinner.

Selecting The Foods You Serve, And Your Approach To Serving It

You can find catering services ready and able to tend to your guests during your reception. You can also look into catering options from restaurants you and your partner enjoy – you may be surprised at how many are ready to help you. When it comes to serving options, be mindful that plated meals are expected at formal events, while buffet and family style serving can be expected at less formal celebrations.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Celebrate Your Marriage With A Wonderful Wedding Reception

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