Some Wedding Tasks May Need More Time Than You Realize

Professional Photo By: Holly Marie Photography

The time between a couple’s engagement and their wedding can vary. If you and your partner plan for a longer engagement period, you may feel comfortable holding off on preparations. While there is nothing wrong with taking time to simply celebrate your new relationship status, you may need more time than you realize to properly arrange your special day. In fact, you may want to budget your time with the expectation of at least a few delays you are not anticipating. Making an early start on your wedding planning also means your preferred wedding vendor is more likely to have your date open when you contact them. 

Make Sure You Have Time To Have Your Dress Altered

The perfect dress may not be the perfect fit when you find it. Alterations are often required for a bridal gown, which is why you should take the time to shop for it with plenty of time – a nine month window between the day you buy your dress and your wedding day is normal. This ensures that there will be time enough to make any needed adjustments, so your dress looks perfect when you walk down the aisle!

Waiting To Find Vendors Can Mean Your First Choice Is Already Booked

If you plan your wedding at a popular time, you can expect other people in your area to have an interest in at least some of the vendors you want to work with. If you wait to secure someone’s services, they could be unavailable on your special day – making these arrangements in advance can help you hire your first choice.

It May Take People Longer To RSVP Than You Realize

While your wedding date will be important to close friends and family members, they may find themselves with a scheduling conflict if you wait too long to give them the details of your event. Sending out your invitations months in advance can give people enough warning to keep your date clear on their calendars, while also giving you time to follow up with people who are slow to reply.

Your Planning Can Lead To A Wonderful Wedding Day At Texas Old Town

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