Taking Steps To Make Sure All Your Guests Feel Welcome

Professional Photo By: Rooted Trumpet Photography

Because your guest list consists of friends and family members, you can generally anticipate what people will enjoy at your wedding. Of course, the matter is complicated when you consider that you have one event, and quite a few different personalities to welcome! If this sounds alarming, here is some good news – the people in your life care about you, and are attending your special day because they want to support you. With that said, you should take some time during planning to look for ways to make sure all of your guests have the best time possible. That can take the form of tweaking your menu to ensure everyone can eat, or simply finding little ways to encourage your more reserved guests to have a blast at the reception.

Make Sure Everyone Has Something They Can Eat!

When you survey your guest list, you can encounter several people who have diet preferences, or allergy concerns. The key to avoiding conflicts is to make sure people know to communicate those issues, and sharing them with your catering service. Having vegan options, gluten-free options, and sugar-free dessert options (for guests who have diabetes) can be important for some of the people in attendance.

Come Up With Fun Reception Activities For Guests Who Don’t Dance

A talented DJ or live band, a dance floor, and some fun beverages – what else do you need to keep everyone entertained at your reception? A festive atmosphere tends to lift all spirits, but you may want to consider your older relatives, or shy friends who are less likely to hit the dance floor. A photo booth is a popular feature at receptions because it can give people something to do when they need a break from dancing, or mingling.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Welcome Your Guests To An Amazing Wedding!

At Texas Old Town, you can provide an amazing wedding experience for your guests. You can wow them with a stunning outdoor ceremony, then keep spirits high with a great reception in one of our indoor spaces! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call us today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.