Tips To Help You Find And Exchange Your Wedding Rings

Professional Photo By: Tony And Elena Smith Photography

Your wedding rings can be the most important pieces of jewelry you and your partner possess. They symbolize the lifelong commitment you two are making with each other, and it can certainly feel intimidating to make a purchase this important. While you can show off your engagement ring from the moment you become engaged, your wedding rings make their official debut during your wedding ceremony. That gives you and your partner a little extra time to look for just the right piece. It also creates a meaningful moment during your ceremony, especially if you have a ring bearer on hand to deliver your rings. With a little time, and some consideration, you can find wonderful rings without breaking your budget, and plan a special exchange when it comes time to say “I do.”

Searching For The Right Wedding Ring

Before you set foot in a jewelry store, or start looking at a store’s inventory online, know what you want your budget to be. This is up to you, but remember – you also have other wedding expenses to cover. You should both also set as many general parameters as possible in terms of size, color, and whether you want something more elegant, or more elaborate.

Receiving And Exchanging Your Rings During Your Ceremony

If you plan to include a ring bearer and flower girl in your event, then the delivery of your rings is sure to be a cute moment for everyone in attendance. While you might want a young relative to take on the role, giving them the responsibility of holding your wedding rings can be more than a little stressful. Your safest solution can be to have the ring bearer make his trip down the aisle with stand-ins, and let your best man hold onto the rings.

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