What Should I Do To Decorate My Aisle?

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

Decorations for your wedding ceremony space can help you make the setting feel like yours. Because you have access to a beautiful outdoor setting, and the Texas Hill Country surrounding you, the right approach to decorating can be a conservative one. With that said, the right touches can make a big impact. One space you can work with is your aisle. Your path to the altar can benefit from more than just petals left behind by your flower girl. You can use an aisle runner and other pieces to add a little color to your walkway, and add a little more wedding magic to your overall ceremony space with your preferred decorations. If you want to make sure your aisle is untouched before the procession begins, make sure your ushers know to walk people to seats at the outside of the seats.

The Right Decorations Can Make A Meaningful Impact On Your Ceremony Space

With an outdoor setting, you can count on the natural beauty of the area to create a suitable setting for your special day. Of course, you should feel encouraged to personalize it with your own decorations. You can use pieces that feature your wedding colors, and add your own pieces to your altar space. You can include an aisle runner, and add pieces to the insides of your seats, too. While you should be careful not to overwhelm your setting, a few touches can have a big impact.

Keeping Your Aisle Clear When Guests Arrive

Typically, your guests should know to move to the outside of your seating to find their place. With that said, people can be distracted, or momentarily thoughtless, which can lead to people entering your decorated aisle space. Having ushers to lead people can prevent this from happening, as they can guide your guests to their seats while avoiding the center aisle.

You Can Be Thrilled To Walk Down The Aisle At Your Texas Old Town Wedding

Your Texas Old Town wedding can be a truly magical day – you can gather your friends and family in an outdoor setting at Texas Hill Country, and enjoy a wonderful ceremony. We also offer accommodating, attractive reception areas, and support to help you plan your event! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.